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A Socialist Veteran's Manifesto

My work as a writer leans hard left. This world view has come from the experiences I had while serving in the US Marines.
While there are many veterans who would never under any circumstances come anywhere close to the label of socialist. I could not let stigma around labels prevent me from turning my life into something more than just looking back on the past with rose colored glasses.
It took me years to come to terms with many pieces about the war; about war in general; and about my role within it.
I fear that the conservative right in the USA has held onto the veteran’s community for too long. They have wrapped themselves in the flag and carried a cross trying to appeal to the culture patriotism and religion that has dominated most of the USA's Southern and Midwest Regions.
Capitalism has co-opted all that this country deems as right even in the face of Armageddon. Climate change, economic collapse, environmental disasters, the elimination of the middle class, the resurgence of both fascism and white nationalism. I view all these problems as symptoms of the larger ill that is the capitalist system of economics.
On this site I aim to offer a platform to different views. To leftist and far left military news, to anti-fascist solidarity, to organizing within the veteran’s community from a left leaning perspective, and finally to actions that we as a veteran’s community; small as we may be; can take to affect real change.
I aim to have this place be a show of solidarity to every like-minded socialist, communist, anti-capitalist, trade unionist, democratic socialist, Left-com, Marxist, Marxist Leninist, Marxist Leninist Maoist, or any of the other labels we assign ourselves.
No matter the label, one thing comes above all else. Solidarity. It is what links us, binds us, and makes us powerful. Solidarity must be our lives work, or the lack of it may very well mean our deaths.
No war but class war
An injury to one, is an injury to all.

-Jack Bine

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