Impeaching Trump will not Solve Anything

Yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the beginnings of the impeachment process for current president Donald Trump. This is a welcome change from Pelosi’s general hesitant stance on the issue of impeachment, it can be seen as too little and too late.

Donald Trump is more than able to be impeached for the crimes he has been shown to have committed in the last week. However, he has been impeachable for many of the crimes he has undertaken over the previous three years. It is not resolute determination for the institutions of government that have driven the speaker, no great ideology, or even a “bridge too far” mentality. It is, as is with most things done by the political establishment, a calculated political move meant to shift popular vote.

Pelosi has been determined to push the perceived center voters from center-right to center-left via incremental criticisms and small scale rebellious acts. Through her leadership has held during a time of great upheaval in the democratic party, her actions have mainly been feckless. The measures currently begun could have started years ago, months ago, or even weeks ago. The speaker has announced the beginning of impeachment now for two distinct issues. One, she believes she has enough popular support to pressure the Senate into a vote that she knows will fail, but may damage the president in the coming election. Two, the parties chosen candidate is under great danger from the actions the president has taken in investigating his son and the Ukraine. While Trump may have used his power to investigate a political opponent, which is undoubtedly impeachable. Biden very well may have used his position as Vice President to put his son on the board of a Ukrainian company. A company that threw out officials who were not accepting of the United States foreign policy.

The act of impeachment will not change anything for this reason. Perceived corruption on both sides will soften the actual crimes committed by the president. Business as usual has unfortunately been both parties being seen as corrupt. Additionally, neither party having any connection with the people whom they serve. Voters have had to choose between the lesser of two evils before, and it ended with the election of the current president.

The Iowa caucuses are five months away, “Super Tuesday,” is only six. The speaker knows that the establishment choice for the candidate needs to be saved, primarily from himself. Joe Biden has consistently fallen in the polls. He has been declining since the first day his campaign started. Though still mainly the favorite in most polls, his lead has been eaten by candidates widely loathed by the Democratic establishment. This is the main reason why the speaker has only now chosen to use the powers of the office to challenge the president. With showing the democratic party to be healthy and robust, she aims to once again shift what she believes to be swing voters in the critical swing states.

The democratic establishment seemingly has no interest in actually correcting the injustices of the Trump administration. They seem only aim to gain power once again. Undoubtedly to use those offices to serve capitalist entities. All of this will be to the determent of the working class. Business as usual of criminal activities, executive overreach, congressional under-reaction, and centrist, capitalist interests, continue to guide this country’s politics.

Unfortunately, it will only be through the defeat of both the establishment right and establishment left, that we as socialists will be able to establish a country that works for everyone.


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